EDUO 9541: Planning a Math and ELA NGSS Unit

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Course Description

With the guidance of a course template, teachers will develop a successful Next Generation Science Standard teaching unit. At least one of the lessons will involve Math, Science and English language arts. Website resources will give information to aid in planning the NGSS unit and the individual Math, Science and ELA lesson.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course the teacher will have:

  1. developed a NGSS teaching unit
  2. created one teaching lesson plan involving Math, Science and ELA
  3. related the lesson in #2 to the unit in #1
  4. plan for future improvements based upon assessments in lesson #2
  5. communicated how to teach the plan in #2

Course Objectives

In carrying out the goals of this course the teacher will:

  1. Read, study and respond to given website resources concerning NGSS
  2. Analyze the students for whom the NGSS unit plan will be prepared.
  3. Produce a teaching unit plan based on the results of #2.
  4. Make a complete teaching lesson plan as part of the unit in #3.
  5. Develop classroom management plans with the help of the findings of #1 and #2.
  6. Identify all elements that will be used in #4.
  7. Describe how the elements in #4 will be interwoven through the plan.
  8. Create assessment strategies that reflect how successful #4, 5, 6 and 7 have been.
  9. Consider future plans based upon #8
  10. Write out instructions for a substitute so she/he can teach the plan.
  11. Create a chart from a math, science and ELA Venn diagram.

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Gina Bergskaug

B.A., M.A. Curriculum & Instruction

C.A.G.S Educational Leadership, 9-12 chemistry, K-12 Principal, K-12 Director of Curriculum, K-12 Superintendent 21 years.

Gina focuses on rethinking instructional approaches, empowering teachers and students to take risks, and engaging in reflective practices.

Gina's personal interests are her 4 children and their many activities, running, and cooking.