EDUO 9539: Understanding NGSS

Instructor: Gina Bergskaug
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Course Description

This class will explore the knowledge regarding the current K-12 science standards. Such knowledge will enable the teacher to plan a successful Next Generation Science Standard teaching unit.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this class the teacher will:

  • show understanding of the K-12 Next Generation Science Standards
  • be able to plan meaningful NGSS teaching units for K-12 students

Course Objectives

The teacher will show understanding of and ability to plan NGSS by:

  1. explaining the NGSS to various people with different levels of understanding
  2. using assorted media to convey the information
  3. critiquing NGSS information
  4. relating the information gleaned to the classroom
  5. being aware that NGSS assessment can be tricky
  6. summarizing the NGSS knowledge learned in this course
  • Price: $270
  • 2 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Gina Bergskaug

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