EDUO 9530: Ag Education – How Does Your Garden Grow, and More

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Course Overview

In many areas of the country, the agriculture industry provides ample jobs as well as food for the local population. Students at any grade level can be introduced to agriculture and its importance in your area. This independent study class will introduce teachers to several agricultural resources that can be utilized in the classroom in an effort to educate their students about where their food comes from, how it is produced and processed, and the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Course Objectives:

  1. Teachers will have tools and knowledge about how agriculture education and planting gardens can support learning in any classroom.
  2. Teachers will be introduced to many online resources that offer agriculture lessons and information about healthy eating habits for any grade level.

Teachers will create awareness in the classroom about the significance of the agricultural industry in your respective area.

Class Requirements:

1. Participants in this class will be required to research, plan and teach one or more Ag lessons and/or gardening projects for their grade level.

2. Time researching online or other sources for agriculture lessons should be logged and submitted as well as the names of the websites that were searched and found to be of use for this class.

3. Lesson plans will be submitted for this agriculture unit and/or gardening project, along with photos and descriptions of work done, and the evaluations of each unit/lesson. Planning and taking a field trip to a farm, etc. can also be described in the coursework, as well as any guest speakers who are invited to share their knowledge of agriculture.

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