EDUO 9528: Water Conservation – Schoolwide Projects

Instructor: Toolie Younger
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Welcome to EDUO 9528, Schoolwide Projects. This class was created as part of a three course series entitled Project Teaching – Water Conservation. The other two courses in the series are

  • EDUO 9527 Classroom Projects
  • EDUO 9429 Community Outreach Projects

Course Description

The purpose of this class is to encourage teachers to provide leadership for a school (or district) wide project to bring a greater awareness, and sense of activism and accountability to the entire school community relating to water conservation.

You will notice that you are not given specific activities or even a direction to follow. Our purpose is to give you resources and time and leave the designing of the program entirely up to you and your school or district. The needs of every school and community will be different. We hope that you will look for ways to engage not only your students and staff but their families, friends and neighbors.

Course Objectives:

With the help of given resources, the participant will lead a school wide project that would:

1. Bring increased awareness to the entire school population of the need to conserve water.

2. Create a passionate activism to involve students as well as certified and classified school personnel in a mission of informing the community and their own families of the need to conserve water.

3. Develop an ongoing system of accountability for water savings.


  • Price: $140
  • 1 Semester Credit/Unit

Instructor: Toolie Younger

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