EDUO 9527: Water Conservation – Classroom Projects

Instructor: Toolie Younger
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Welcome to EDUO 9527, Classroom Projects. This class was created as part of a three course series entitled Project Teaching – Water Conservation. The other two courses in the series are

  • EDUO 9528 Schoolwide Projects
  • EDUO 9429 Community Outreach Projects

Course Description:

Throughout history water, one of the planet’s most important resources, has been misused and wasted. A prime reason for this has been the abundance of water. Now however, the supply of this life sustaining element is becoming increasingly scarce, and an educational plan for conserving it is crucial. For teachers, the first step is to make our classroom students aware of the problem. Next we must create an active student response and finally comes a individual and group responsibility (accountability) compoment .

To complete this course, you will develop a Triple A (Awareness, Action and Accountability) project based teaching program to address the need for conserving the planet’s water supply. You will notice that you are not given specific activities or even a direction to follow. Our purpose is to give you resources and time and leave the designing of the program entirely up to you. The needs of every classroom and community may be different. We hope that you will look for ways to engage not only your students but their families, friends and neighbors.

Course Objectives:

The class participant will:

1. With the help of given resources, develop age appropriate classroom lessons designed to create awareness of the increasing water shortage and its implications.

2. Show how students will be motivated to actively inform their school, their family and community about the need to conserve the planet’s water resources.

3. Create among the students a sense of individual accountability for what they can reasonably do to help conserve their own water usage.

4. Construct an accountability plan for the school, family and community to carry out.

  • Price: $140
  • 1 Semester Credit/Unit

Instructor: Toolie Younger

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