EDUO 9522: Math Made Easy

Instructor: Ryan Pickett

Course Overview

This four course series entitled Anyone Can Learn Math is designed to help teachers make math accessible to all students. The other three courses in the series are:

  • EDUO 9523: Learning Math in Groups
  • EDUO 9521: Stress Free Math
  • EDUO 9524: Learn Math Through Writing

Although Math Made Easy is NOT a prerequisite for the other three courses, it does provide a foundation for them. Math Made Easy, Learning Math in Groups, and Stress Free Math all require one book entitled Math for Humans by Mark Wahl. The fourth class, Learning Math through Writing, requires a separate book entitled Writing in Math Class by Marilyn Burns.

In the class Math Made Easy EDUO 9522 you will learn how to utilize your student’s natural learning strengths so that they will be engaged in your math curriculum as well as make significant learning gains.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course Math Made Easy, you will demonstrate or indicate:

  • Knowledge of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and how it can apply to your math curriculum
  • Knowledge of the NCTM Standards and how to apply the constructivist model to them
  • Knowledge of Brain Hemisphericity and how it can apply to your math curriculum
  • The ability to develop and utilize effective formative and summative math assessments


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Instructor: Ryan Pickett

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