EDUO 9521: Stress Free Math

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Course Overview

This course is one of a four-course series entitled Anyone Can Learn Math which is designed to help teachers make math accessible to all students.The other three courses in the series are:

  • EDUO 9522: Math Made Easy
  • EDUO 9523: Learning Math in Groups
  • EDUO 9524: Learn Math Through Writing

Although Math Made Easy is NOT a prerequisite for the other three courses, it does provide a foundation for them. Math Made Easy, Learning Math in Groups, and Stress Free Math all require one book entitled Math for Humans by Mark Wahl. The fourth class, Learning Math through Writing, requires a separate book entitled Writing in Math Class by Marilyn Burns.

Math Anxiety is a big problem in every classroom and significantly reduces a student’s ability to learn math. In the class Stress Free Math EDUO 9521 you will learn how to take the stress out of your math curriculum and open the math door to your math “phobic” students.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course Stress Free Math, you will demonstrate or indicate:

  • Your understanding of how your personal experience learning math while in school could influence your
    current math lessons
  • Ways in which your current teaching may create math anxiety
  • How to identify and reduce math anxiety in your classroom

Summary of Course Assignments:

1. Self-Analysis

In the first assignment you will reflect on how you felt about learning math growing up, how this may or may not affect your current teaching, and what you can do to reduce anxiety triggers in your classroom.

2. Knowing your Students

In completing assignment two, you will learn how to get to know your students feelings regarding math and how to use this information to reduce their anxiety.

3. Lesson Plans

In this section you will create lessons that would be unlikely to induce anxiety in your students.

4. Assessment

For the fourth assignment, you will design assessments for the lessons you created above. These lessons should be developed in such a way as to lessen the likelihood of producing anxiety.

5. Accessibility

While reviewing everything you learned in this class, you will be asked to elaborate on how you will now make your math curriculum accessible and engaging to all of your students that are anxious about math.

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