EDUO 9416: Maximizing Paraprofessionals in the Inclusive Classroom

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    Learn how to maximize the use of Paraprofessionals in the inclusive classroom. Create opportunities for them to be a true asset to teachers, students, and their families. Designed for paraprofessionals, general education teachers, art, music , physical education teachers and intervention specialists, participants will learn the guidelines for paraprofessionals; supportive teaching and behavior strategies, instructional methods; the various roles and responsibilities of paraprofessionals in the P-12 public school environment. Gain strategies to support the wide range of academic and behavioral needs of students with exceptional learning needs.

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    Dr. Shawn Watters

    B.S. Speech Pathology and Audiology, Kent State University; M. Ed. Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood, Kent State University; Ed. D. Educational Leadership with a cognate in Special Education and Early Childhood Teacher Preparation, Ashland University

    P-12 Schools, 9 years

    Self-contained special education; Higher Education, 20 years

    Early Childhood Teacher Preparation, undergraduate and graduate coursework

    Special Education Teacher Preparation, undergraduate and graduate coursework

    School Counseling, graduate coursework

    Dr. Watters' professional mission is to "Inspire lifelong learning in others with trust, integrity and joy." 

    Dr. Watters’ personal interests include her family, traveling, reading, cycle class, and supporting others’ growth and aspirations