EDUO 9401: Seeing Asperger and/or Autism From A New Perspective

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There are many books out now with characters who present with qualities of Asperger or High-Functioning Autistic like behaviors. Mark Haddon’s, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, and John Elder Robinson’s, Look Me in the Eye are two books that do just that.
For this class you can choose one of the two novels listed above and reflect on three different life altering decisions that the authors describe in the book. Make a connection between why these characters chose the path they did and how their Asperger and/or Autism directly affected those decisions


  • To read a book with Asperger and/or Autism influences in it.
  • To increase exposure to the mind of a child/person who has Asperger and/or Autism.
  • To increase your understanding of how Asperger and/or Autism could affect daily life choices.


  • Examination of two individuals and how they interact with themselves, others around them and society as a whole.
  • Reflection of life altering decisions and how Asperger and/or Autism affect those decisions.

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