EDUO 9307: The Power of Pixar and SEL Learning

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    Course Overview

    Did you know that many educators would love to show Pixar films in their classroom as a way of promoting social-emotional learning? Unfortunately showing full-length features chews up quite a bit of class time. There’s a solution. Teachers can now use Pixar film shorts to highlight Social Emotional Learning* skills to help strengthen their classroom’s climate and culture.

    The goal is for educators to incorporate Pixar film shorts into their instruction to help emphasize social emotional learning skills.

    Course Objectives

    In this course, participants will have opportunity to:

    • Teacher will design mini-lessons/ideas based on specific SEL skill
    • Teacher will incorporate Pixar Short film of their choice and tailor it to a specific SEL Skill
    • Teacher will share reflective piece on how the Pixar short film helped with the Promotion of the skill.

    Course Relation to CCS or other Professional Standards

    This course aligns to the standards for:

    • Using knowledge of students to engage them in learning
    • Connecting subject matter to meaningful, real-life contexts
    • Using a variety of instructional strategies, resources, and technologies to meet students’ diverse learning needs
    • Promoting critical thinking through inquiry, problem solving, and reflection

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    William Frederick

    B.A., National Board Certificated Teacher

    K-8, Public School, 18+ years.

    William loves to incorporate Social Emotional Learning and music into his curriculum.

    His mantra is to activate and capture a moment of inspired academic and SEL experiences from my students.

    William's hobbies are music, movies, and baseball.