EDUO 9249: The Art of Reading Comprehension with CCSS in Mind

Classroom Management Strategies
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Discover how the Brain learns to read and gain knowledge of the skills of what good readers do when reading fiction and nonfiction texts. Participants will learn the seven core reading strategies used most often by good readers and will ultimately be able to practice and internalize these core strategies when reading for school, work, or pleasure. Participants in the Reading course will also learn how to actively participate and collaborate within peer groups as they come to understand what good readers do. Participants will learn to inspire through reading, and how this will be connected to the CCSS.

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Dr. Maryam Torbati

B.A. Art History; M.A. in Ed System Management; Ph.D. In Human Behavior

  • 25 years in K-12 teaching; ELD, Special Ed Emergency, Counseling, School Psychology, Administration
  • Memberships, Affiliations, Community Service: TESOL, CATESOL, Golden Key Honor Club of the U.S.A., Doctoral Society, Teacher Assistance of Southern California; St. Agnes Hospital, Cancer Center, and Leukemia Association
  • Special Skills: Communication, Grant Writing, and Bilingual Training
  • “The reason I am in Education; Change one brain, Change the whole world.”
  • Maryam’s personal interests include world travel, swimming, reading, research, knitting