EDUO 9200: Balanced Literacy: The Reader’s Workshop

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Balanced Literacy is an approach with a goal of developing lifelong readers and thinkers. It exposes students to the habits of good readers by interacting with many genres and styles of literature. Components of balanced literacy, including the reader’s and writer’s workshop models, will be explored. Creating effective mini-lessons, grouping students appropriately, and planning effective guided reading lessons will be an integral part of the course.


By the end of Session 1, participants will be able to:

Identify the components of balanced literacy: the reader’s workshop.

A. Read-aloud
B. Independent reading
C. Guided reading
D. Response to literature
E. Reading conferences

By the end of Session 2, participants will be able to:

Explore the structure and format of the mini-lesson in the reader’s workshop model.

A. Investigate the format of the mini-lesson
B. Identify mentor or anchor texts that can be used to support lessons
C. Assess a mini-lesson for effectiveness

By the end of Session 3, participants will be able to:

Plan for and conduct guided reading groups.

A. Explore guided reading as one component of balanced literacy
B. Understand the varying levels of literacy development and how to plan instruction aimed at
meeting these individual needs
C. Identify characteristics and behaviors of students at different reading levels
D. Establish guided reading groups through effective assessment


1. Videos:

A Morning in a Kindergarten Classroom
A Literacy Program in a K-1 Classroom
Balanced Literacy: 2 Hours 10 Minutes in a Second Grade Classroom

2. Professional Development Materials

A. Annotated Content with Essential Questions and Supplementary Resources
B. Menu of Key Concepts, Inquiry Questions, and Related Resources

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Doug Fannin

B.A., M.Ed.

Secondary Public Schools; Collegiate level; Post Graduate level; Peace Corps 40+ years.

ESOL; ELD; English for Conference Interpretation; Counseling for Secondary ELD Students; Literacy and Writing Strategies; Ethnic Studies; Special Education.

My current educational goal is helping teachers reach their professional goals and to keep abreast of trends in the field of teaching.

Personal interests include: golf, tennis, yoga, reading and travel.