EDUO 9170: Learning is a Journey – Make it a Story with Google Tour

  • Instructor: Joe Herz
  • Semester Credits/Units: 2
  • US $289
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    Combine the art of Storytelling with Google Tour to create custom, interactive media-rich adventures in learning. Students combine use of Google Earth, images, video, audio, links, text and storytelling components of people, events and ideas to immerses viewers in an engaging geographical timeline adventure connecting place, time and events of most any subject, simple to complex. Sharing knowledge as a tour-creator emphasizes to students that learning is truly a journey and that every journey has a story worth sharing with others. Your tour can stay local, go global or any place in-between. Let the journey begin!

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    Joe Herz

    B.S., M.A. in Educational Technology

    K-8 General Ed; K-12 Technology 30+ years. Site and District Tech Coordinator; Technology Program Planner; Conference Presenter; Author. "My current educational goal is to aid in the development of effective and responsible technology use by all students and innovative technology implementation by teachers." Joe’s personal interests include: Music (guitar/drums), his classic VW bus and helping with local animal rescues.