EDUO 9149: Google Classroom

Instructor: Joe Herz, MA Educational Technology

Course Objectives

Students taking this course will have opportunity to:

  • Participate in a customized Google Classroom experience
  • Transform your classroom into a paperless, robust collaborative environment
  • Discover basic and newer creative ways to use Google Classroom with students
  • Manage assignments, grading and feedback within one application

Course Assignments

There are 5 course assignments to complete.

Assignment 1 – Tutorials to watch and Give Feedback (10 Points)

Objective: To familiarize or review how and why to use Google Classroom.

When done viewing the 4 video’s, link to this Form to post your responses.

  • Classroom 101
  • Tutorial: A Guide to Google Classroom (2015)
  • Tutorial: An Updated Guide to Google Classroom (2017)
  • Classroom Student View

Assignment 2 – Share Your Google apps Experience (10 Points)

Objective: To share your teaching background, use of Google Classroom and other Google apps and your progress in use of technology with students.

Link to My Profile Presentation. Read the directions on the top slide then…

Add your profile to the presentation and leave a few comments on fellow student slides.

Share GAFE, Drive and Classroom experience and Blended Learning goals and experiences with the instructor and fellow course students.

Assignment 3 – Create a Google Classroom of Your Own (50 Points)

Objective: Use Classroom as a LMS (learning management system).

This assignment reflects the primary goal of this course, using Classroom to manage classroom assignments and to help create a learning environment that effectively utilizes technology.

Make sure you have a gmail account. Recreate your current use or start creating your use of Classroom by creating a personal Google Classroom account after logging in to your gmail account. If you currently use Classroom at your school site I would be unable to view it since I’m not part of your district’s domain. Thus the need for you to create a new Classroom account.

New Classroom users: When you create your Classroom account a Google Drive account will be created. Google Drive will house your assignments and other documents in a folder. As part of this course you will be sharing the folder with me. I’ll be suggesting some organizational ideas if necessary.

Let’s get started: You have watched the video tutorials in Assignment 1. Use the tutorials as you would expect older students to use online resources prepared by others or yourself to review usage, ideas and get help. I’m available at all time if you need assistance.

Your Classroom site Goals:

  • Create a NEW personal Classroom account. After I’ve accepted the invite, send me an email welcoming me to the course. Use the Google Classroom email function to create the message.
  • Set up your first class or classes. Single grade teachers may only need one class. Teachers with different classes should set up at least 2 classes. There will be different situations depending on your job. Invite me both as a student and as a teacher. Do NOT add actual students to your class. You can invite colleagues. .
  • Build your content. Add assignments, due dates, resources, notices, calendar, links to documents. The documents you create will be in your Drive. Share that Folder with me.. I do NOT need editing rights to those documents, just viewing rights.Let me know if you need suggestions or help setting up your Classroom site or classes.What I’ll be looking for in your Classroom:
  • Logical and user friendly set up of your Classroom site
  • Posted assignments with at least 2 using due dates. Integrate Classroom and Google Calendar to see the assignment on the calendar
  • Allow student commenting on a at least one assignment
  • Post at least one Question
  • Links to Google Drive files that include Document, Presentation and Form
  • Links to resources useful to students. Assignment resources will probably be placed in the assignment. These other resources (files, links, documents) could be listed under Topics that link to documents for example containing useful classroom guides, online resources, classroom rules, a class webpage or technology use
  • Folder organization in your Drive folder.

Below is a list to consider using with your Classroom. Look at the About This Course link for other suggestions.

  • Customize user permissions
  • Manage course content using Folders in Google Drive
  • Create assignments for the entire class, individual students and to small groups.
  • Post Public and Private assignment comments.
  • Post grades to submitted assignments.
  • Share completed project examples

Assignment 4 – Classroom Mobile App (10 Points)

  •  Setup and use Classroom Mobile App
    • The Classroom app is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Send me a screenshot from your phone showing the app opened to the Classroom you set up for this course.

Submit assignment 4 in Classroom.

Assignment 5 – Promote your Google Classroom (20 Points)

Create a Google Presentation both promoting and showing examples on the use of Classroom as an efficiently classroom management tool. The presentation audience are parents attending your Back to School night and one that could also be placed on a class website.

  • 8 – 10 Slides
    • The design and content is up to you. It should get view attention and keep it.
  • Design this one Presentation to serve both as a stand-along presentation for viewing and to show as you talk to an audience about Classroom.
    • Include links to video resources that will help viewers learn more about Drive

Share the Presentation with me and give me Commenting rights.

Resources: new for 2017

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Instructor: Joe Herz, MA Educational Technology

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