EDUO 9137: Getting Started With Computer Coding

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Hello and Welcome! This course will guide you through resources and activities that will help you understand the world of Computer Coding at a beginner’s level. Coding is similar to learning a new language. The coder must learn a language of code. Coding can be challenging.

Coding is a process of inputting instructions into a computing device that results in an action, or output. Success brings the coder a feeling of satisfaction and pride. If the result is flawed or needs revision, troubleshooting by trial and error engages critical thinking skills. Coding offers students a challenging, exciting,  fulfilling and productive look into what makes digital sound and motion take place. We know not all students are not going to become computer programmers. So why should every child learn about coding? Because every profession today and in the future relies at some level on coding. Understanding is relevant to Success

Course Objectives:

1. In this course you will have opportunity to:

  • Learn that Coding is a set of instructions that computers use to complete a task.
  • Understand the educational and career concepts that support students learning to code.
  • Practice some simple coding using free online resources.
  • Research and report on coding programs and resources available for varied skill levels and goals.
  • Evaluate your new knowledge of coding and plans to implement a coding program.

Submitting Assignments:

Assignment Formatting:

All written assignments must be in standard 12 point font, single spaced with no more than 1” margins. Cite any resources not listed in the course.

How to Submit Coursework:

Each completed assignment in this course is submitted to the instructor for review. Follow directions at the end of each assignment on how to prepare and in which Moodle Dropbox to place completed work. Name each file submitted with your last name and assignment number (i.e. BrownAssignment3. Make sure you place your full name, course number and assignment number at the top of each document page. You will receive feedback from Dominican University of California – Getting Started With Coding – Public Syllabus EDUO9137 your instructor within 2-5 days indicating successful completion of the assignment or the need for revision. Assignment grades will be averaged for the final course grade. Refer to the Course Rubric at the end of this document.


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