EDUO 9131: Teaching with Chromebooks

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Course Overview

This course has been designed to help teachers transition to the 1:1 world of Chromebooks. Learn the best way to use Chromebooks in the classroom. Master the Chrome OS. Create lesson plans that maximize the use of the technology AND minimize your preparation time.

In Part I, you will learn the basics of the Chromebook and the Chrome Operating System. Extensions & Apps will be explored with both the teacher & student in mind. The second part will help you to use the Chromebook as an innovative teaching tool, with the help of Google Drive and other online tools.

Course Objectives

In this course participants will have opportunity:

  • To examine the differences between the Chromebook and traditional laptops
  • To identify and install extensions & applications that support learning.
  • To analyze & create various examples of Google Drawing & Google Templates..
  • To develop a lesson plan that uses the Chromebook as a tool to facilitate the construction of knowledge.

Course Relation to CCS or other Professional Standards

This course aligns to the standards for:

  • Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
  • Students employ technology in the development of strategies for solving problems in the real world.

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Lisa Johnson-Bowers

B.S., 8-12 Comprehensive Science, M.A. Science Education/Professional Development

Chemistry (and Physics) 28 years, Softball Coach 23 years.

Primary Goal - Helping teachers to reach their professional and personal goals.

Personal Interests : Family, Golfing, and Helping teachers to reignite their passion for teaching, overcome burnout.