EDUO 9108: Flipping your Classroom Teaching

Instructor: Lisa Johnson-Bowers
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Welcome to Flip Teaching! EDUO 9108 is a self-paced course designed to help teachers develop an appreciation for the Flipped Classroom. In this course, the participant will learn how the paradigm shift in the definition of homework has caused a permanent shift in education. If you are new to the Flipped Classroom, this class will be a terrific introduction. If you have already started to dabble in the Flipped Classroom, you will appreciate refining the fundamental skills of Flipping. Regardless of your experience, the best part of any professional development course is that YOU, the participant will take this information and make it your own.

RequiredText: Flip Your Classroom : Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams

Course Structure

This course has been divided into 3 segments. Section #1 must be completed successfully before Section #2 becomes available. Section #2 must be completed successfully before Section #3 becomes available.

Part I : Introduction

In this first segment you will read about the Flipped Classroom and the history of this educational revolution. You will also begin setting the groundwork for your own Flipped Classroom by creating an online presence. If you  already have a classroom website, that is If not, you will create a free wiki or a blog.

Part II : Building Your Flipped Classroom Toolbox

The second segment of this class you will spend time developing the skills needed to efficiently design a Flipped Classroom. You will learn how to create videos, Voki’s, google forms, and more. Additionally, you will learn how to embed these items into your website or wiki/blog. New to technology? Don’t worry. Although this is a self-paced course,there is a Dominican Instructor waiting in the wings to help you out. You can always send an email to your instructor or call them by phone.

Part III: The Flipping Unit Plan

This third and final segment of the course is the longest and most detailed. The goal of this segment is to create a Flipped Unit. The Unit chosen for this exercise should be long enough to span 3 to 4 weeks. The course guide will take you step-by-step through the development process. Your instructor will help you throughout each section of the Unit Plan development.

A word of warning: The more detailed you make your unit plan, the more success you will have in the actual implementation. An enormous problem that is occurring with flip teaching is the lack of comprehensive planning.
Teachers are ‘flipping’ because they have heard about the concept and they think they have a grasp on the process. Merely assigning a video for homework is not flip teaching. Remember this: Just because you see someone golfing, and have read about golfing, doesn’t mean you can hit the ball!


Lisa Johnson-Bowers

B.S., 8-12 Comprehensive Science, M.A. Science Education/Professional Development

Chemistry (and Physics) 28 years, Softball Coach 23 years.

Primary Goal – Helping teachers to reach their professional and personal goals.

Personal Interests : Family, Golfing, and Helping teachers to reignite their passion for teaching, overcome burnout.

  • Price: $280
  • 2 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Lisa Johnson-Bowers

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