EDUO 9090: Phonemic Awareness for Early Childhood Education

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    Explore how Phonemic Awareness, the ability to isolate, blend, segment and manipulate the individual sounds of spoken language, directly affects children’s success with phonics, and is a critical predictor of reading ability. Discover the various skills that make up Phonemic Awareness, and research ways to teach these skills in your Early Childhood classroom. Participants will create a plan to incorporate these new activities into your existing Early Childhood curriculum.

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    Katy Kraemer

    Education: B.S., M.A.T. Masters in Teaching, Reading Specialist, Early Childhood Educator for 23 years, Administrative Credential

    Experience: TK, Kinder, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, English Language Teacher. ELD Coordinator, SDT Coordinator, 504 Coordinator. Public School and Charter School

    Recognitions: Teacher Who Makes a Difference, Top Screencastify Creator, Worldwide

    When I am not teaching, I enjoy hiking, playing music, and hanging out with my family!