EDUO 9057: Enhanced Flipped Learning

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In partnership with the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) this course was developed to substantially enhance your Flipped Learning skillset.

This course focuses on the development of a Flipped Learning Unit and leads the participant through a stringent process of reflection, evaluation, and transformation. The process requires the participant to reflect on their pedagogy/andragogy, and help to transform their classes into active places where students are engaged, cared for, and motivated.

The participant will create and deliver Flipped Learning lessons, and then reflect on what went well and what didn’t. In the process, the participant will examine what and why they do things with the end result of becoming an Expert Flipped Learning Practitioner. Each participant will need to create an extensive document with external links to other media such that the evaluators can get a clear picture of how they currently flip their class. The evaluator will also serve as a guide to help ensure participant’s success.

Learn more about the Flipped Learning Global Initiative here


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