EDUO 9000: Reflective Reading (Sections 9000, 9002 – 9010, 9041-9043, & 9260-9264)

  • Semester Credits/Units: 1
  • US $159
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This course helps motivate teachers to do what they want to and should do—READ!! What better way to select content that interests you and/or is helpful to your teaching process.

Reflective Reading is committed to staying up with your needs. Post-pandemic, we added books that deal with mental health issues in the classroom and now we are featuring an extensive SCIENCE OF READING collection to help train you in the new techniques and directions in thinking about teaching and remediating this crucial subject.

We are also helping ECE teachers with over 40 books on the subject. We have even added an available alternative assignment if you read a book and viewed the movie, whether a feature film or a documentary—think Killers of the Flower Moon. We have over 300 books on our list and are always open to adding others.

Reflective Reading may be taken for credit 13 times with multiple books. Registrations will be EDUO 9000 -9010 and 9041-43

Reflective Reading Booklist

Or explore the book lists below:

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