EDUO 9000: Reflective Reading (Sections 9000, 9002 – 9010, & 9041-9043)

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    Reading books reflectively is important for both students and their teachers. While as teachers we are constantly looking for ways to motivate our students to becoming lifelong readers, we often neglect nurturing that process in ourselves. This course can help you make a commitment to dedicate some of your precious time to focused professional reading.The booklists offer a wide variety of current non-fiction covering not only best practice curriculum guides but books on current educational thought, Common Core techniques, content area information, psychology, special education, classroom management, athletic endeavors, self-improvement and inspiration and other compelling subjects of interest and assistance to teachers. Assignments will include both written reflections and online discussions.

    Reflective Reading may be taken for credit multiple times with multiple books. The first registration will be numbered EDUO 9000, the 2nd EDUO 9002, the 3rd EDUO 9003… up to EDUO 9010

    Reflective Reading Master Booklist

    Or explore the book lists below:

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    Ginny Horning

    B.A., M.S. in Counseling

    31 years teaching/counseling PreSchool/High School/Parent Education; Created and implemented statewide Professional Education Program. Teacher Association rep, conference and community presenter, Professional Associations. My current educational goal is to help teachers grow and develop professionally and personally while reading many types of carefully selected books. My interests are family, traveling, theater, politics, climate change and keeping myself physically and mentally healthy and challenged.