EDUO 9911: Clinic of Champions 2019

Instructors: Dick Bach, Ernie Shaffer
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The Clinic of Champions 2019 is designed to expose coaches and teachers to the latest trends and techniques in the coaching and teaching of youth, high school and college football. The two-day clinic will allow coaches and teachers to select and attend seminars geared to their specific coaching or teaching assignments. Seminars will be presented by the top high school and college coaches, selected for their specific skills and knowledge in their area of presentation.

Downtown Commons
300 J Street
Sacramento, US 95814
United States
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Start Date: 01/25/2019

End Date: 01/26/2019

Where: Holiday Inn - Sacramento, California

  • $95 - $190
  • 1-2 Semester Credits/Units

Instructors: Dick Bach, Ernie Shaffer

Registration End Date: 02/14/2019

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