Trauma-Informed Practices Certificate

Certificate Overview:

The Trauma-Informed Practices Certificate is designed for educators who desire to expand their knowledge of trauma and its impact on learning. Thoughtfully developed by a team of experts in the field of trauma and education, course content will support educators in deepening their understanding of trauma-informed practices by moving beyond theory to promote a positive learning environment for all students.

Required 3 Semester Credit/Unit Courses.

Course #Course TitleInstructorSemester
EDUO 9331Promoting Positive Relationships with StudentsAddison Duane, Ph.D.3$447
EDUO 9327Strategies and Approaches for Trauma-Informed InstructionColleen Wilkinson3$447
EDUC 9328Culturally Responsive and Equitable PracticesArlène Elizabeth Casimir3$447

Once you register for Trauma Informed Certificate, any elective courses you have completed will be applied toward the 15 credit certificate. The course must be on the electives list in order to count toward certificate requirements.

Three 3 semester credit/unit courses (above) required + choose courses from list below to equal 15 semester credits/units

ElectiveCourse NoCourse TitleInstructorSemester
ElectiveEDUO 9947Understanding Trauma and its EffectsJennifer Kern1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9948Creating Calm in Your ClassroomAddison Duane, Ph.D.1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9949Considerations and Classroom Strategies for Every StudentColleen Wilkinson1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9950The Brain Science of RegulationAddison Duane, Ph.D.1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9951De-escalation and DisciplineColleen Wilkinson1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9945Cultivate Compassion to Strengthen Your ResilienceLori Spinelli1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9000Reflective ReadingGinny Horning1$149
ElectiveEDUO 9248Identifying Microaggressions in the ClassroomDr. Shawn Watters2$298
ElectiveEDUO 9797Cultivating Restorative ClassroomsAddison Duane, Ph.D.1$149

Administrative Fee:

Enrollment in a certificate program requires a $75.00 administrative fee. You will be prompted to pay the fee once you have selected a certificate program course