Teacher Leadership Certificate


The Teacher Leadership Online Certificate Program is designed for the teacher who demonstrates exemplary teaching, understands the demands of the teaching profession and has a desire to increase their leadership responsibility while maintaining their role as a classroom teacher or instructional coach.


The successful completion of 15 Semester Credits/Units is required to earn your Teacher Leadership Certificate. Required courses include:

Course # Title Semester Credits/Units Price
EDUX 9928 Maximize Your Professional Practice 2 - 6 $289-$715
EDUX 9902 Summer Course 2024 2 - 6 $308-$735

Students must have a total of six semester credits/units from either of the two courses above. If you took EDUX 9983 last summer, your semester credits/units will qualify toward the Teacher Leadership Certificate Program

EDUO 9900-9903 courses require collaboration with a school-based professional learning team and are best completed during the school year. These courses are sequential and progressive and must be completed one at a time









Administrative Fee:

Enrollment in a certificate program requires a $75.00 administrative fee. You will be prompted to pay the fee once you have selected a certificate program course