Blended Learning Certificate


The Blended Learning Online Teacher Certificate Program is designed for the teacher who would like to develop or expand a strong foundation in Blended Learning. Participants will have the unique opportunity to develop a personalized, high quality, blended learning classroom with the guidance of an experienced instructor. Each component of the program is flexible and designed to effectively help the participant to develop best practices tailored specifically to his/her individual school setting. Courses are self-paced, yet instructor supported.


The successful completion of 15 Semester Credits/Units is required to earn your Blended Learning Certificate. Required courses include:

Course #TitleCredits/UnitsPrice

EDUX 9983

Ignite Your Professional Teaching Practice- CLOSED



2 - 6


Students must have a total of six units from either of the two courses above. If you took EDUX 9983 last summer, your credits will qualify toward the Teacher Leadership Certificate Program

EDUO 9884Introduction to Blended Learning2$298
EDUO 9885Creating a Blended Learning Toolkit2$298
EDUO 9886Maximizing Face to Face Time2$298
EDUO 9887It's not the LMS, it's how you use it2$298
EDUO 9888Examining Blended learning Outcomes2$298
EDUO 9889Blended Learning & The Innovative Teacher5$845

Administrative Fee:

Enrollment in a certificate program requires a $75.00 administrative fee. You will be prompted to pay the fee once you have selected a certificate program course

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