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Teaching during a pandemic: Everything is changing

It’s August now – the month when teachers traditionally decorate their bulletin boards, prepare their lesson plans, and get ready to welcome a new group of students to their classroom. At least that’s

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Students with anxiety and depression: How teachers can help

The statistics tell the story: More students of all ages – from elementary through college – are living with anxiety and depression than ever before, according to the Centers for Disease Control and

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Teacher wellness counts in the classroom: Are you the best you can be?

There’s a long list of things that contribute to the effectiveness of classroom learning: strong teachers, relevant curriculum, technology, resources, the school environment, the mix of students, parental

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How to Keep Your Passion for Teaching Alive

It is rewarding. It is demanding. It is both, often at the same time. The seesaw of reality for teachers is that the challenges in the job can sometimes start to outweigh the joys. Salaries tend to be

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Wellness for Teachers: The Most Important Resolution You Can Make

“Stay positive,” the aspirations begin. “Spice up your classroom routine. Build fitness into your curriculum. Get your work/life balance in order. Give individual time and attention to students.

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Traumatized Students in the Classroom

A young student has witnessed domestic violence at home, and he’s constantly anxious. Another child’s family is homeless, and she often comes to school hungry. A third student has recently seen her

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