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Creating culturally inclusive classrooms in the echo of #BlackLivesMatter

Over the summer, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes it mandated, another major societal upheaval began: the Black Lives Matter protests across the nation. They began after the May

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Teaching during a pandemic: Everything is changing

It’s August now – the month when teachers traditionally decorate their bulletin boards, prepare their lesson plans, and get ready to welcome a new group of students to their classroom. At least that’s

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Why can it be so hard to teach students to write?

If you are a teacher who has struggled with teaching your students to write, you’re not alone. The research studies and reports have become relentless over the past couple of decades: Students are having

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How to expand students’ vocabulary in different and fun ways

Is stale the best word, or is stagnant better? Is there rain outside, or a deluge? Do you hear noise, or a commotion? And are the differences important? They are, especially in a world where teens text

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How to teach art when you think you aren’t an artist

“Oh, no, I can’t even draw a straight line.” That’s the response many people give when the topic of art comes up. The thing is, art is not about drawing straight lines. And if you need one, you

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Students with anxiety and depression: How teachers can help

The statistics tell the story: More students of all ages – from elementary through college – are living with anxiety and depression than ever before, according to the Centers for Disease Control and

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New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers: Make 2020 a Creative, Passionate year

Every January, the temptation beckons: New Year’s Resolutions. Will this be the year that we actually lose a few pounds, spend more time with your family, learn healthy recipes,  or increase your activity

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Can ‘genius hour’ bring passion into your classroom?

Imagine your boss telling you that for a certain period of time each day or week, you get to work on a project that feeds one of your passions, even if that project doesn’t directly have an impact on

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Why and How to Create a Makerspace in Your School

Think about the elementary school library of your childhood: shelves, books, table, and a librarian who focused a lot of her time keeping kids quiet! Now, imagine if a corner of that library had been set

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