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When Standardized Tests Change the Classroom Climate

Photo credit: Siaath via iStockphoto Five years ago, researchers for the National Education Association (NEA) surveyed 1,500 teachers from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 about standardized testing. The results

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First-year teacher? 7 tips from the veterans

(Photo credit: Monkey Business Images, via iStock)   Articles aimed at new teachers can sometimes seem ominous: “5 Vital Tips for First-Year Teachers to Make it Out Alive” “6 Tips for Surviving

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How to Keep Your Passion for Teaching Alive

(Photo Credit © DGLimages via iStock) It is rewarding. It is demanding. It is both, often at the same time. The seesaw of reality for teachers is that the challenges in the job can sometimes start to

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7 Great Educational Summer Reads for Teachers

(Photo Credit © Milkos via iStock) Summer reading lists can represent pleasure or added burden to your life, depending on who creates them and whether the choices are optional or mandatory. You’ve certainly

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How Teachers Can Make the Most of Summer Break

(Photo Credit © Sharpshutter via iStock) It’s understandable if the last thing you want to do on your summer break is focus on teaching – it’s been a long school year, after all. After packing up

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Teaching with Video: A Classroom Tool that Works

(Photo Credit © Highwaystarz via iStock) Teaching with video can be controversial. Decisions about whether a video is appropriate for the classroom can be subjective. And arguments for and against the

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Teacher book clubs: Read to learn, and for credit!

(Photo Credit © Rawpixel via iStock) Have you read “The Book Whisperer?” The full title is actually The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child, by Donalyn Miller (Jossey-Bass, 2009)?

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STEM teaching: The key to the future can be a challenge for teachers

(Photo Credit © Kerkez via iStock) It’s hard to have any conversation about education today in which STEM teaching doesn’t come up. The acronym, used to refer to “science, technology, engineering,

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ELL teaching proficiency: One way to level that education playing field

(Photo Credit © MonkeyBusinessImages via iStock) Imagine a football field built on a slope, with one end zone 100 yards uphill from the other. The players moving toward the downhill end zone would find

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