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Fixed mindset or growth mindset: Which is your classroom?

Children are observed and “graded” from the time they’re born: She learned her alphabet at age 2; he has math aptitude. Or the opposite: She has trouble with numbers; he struggles with reading. Here’s

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New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers: Make 2020 a Creative, Passionate year

Every January, the temptation beckons: New Year’s Resolutions. Will this be the year that we actually lose a few pounds, spend more time with your family, learn healthy recipes,  or increase your activity

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Can ‘genius hour’ bring passion into your classroom?

Imagine your boss telling you that for a certain period of time each day or week, you get to work on a project that feeds one of your passions, even if that project doesn’t directly have an impact on

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Future of the Classroom report: Thinking, connecting, innovating

To research the current state of K-12 education, to do it globally, and to create a thoughtful and fact-based prediction of what the future holds would take a lot of resources. But if there’s one thing

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Mindfulness in the classroom: Does it work?

The teacher writes numbers on the white board in front of the class, preparing a lesson on fractions and decimals. Two girls are passing notes. A couple of kids in the back row are laughing about a secret

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Why and How to Create a Makerspace in Your School

Think about the elementary school library of your childhood: shelves, books, table, and a librarian who focused a lot of her time keeping kids quiet! Now, imagine if a corner of that library had been set

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When Standardized Tests Change the Classroom Climate

Photo credit: Siaath via iStockphoto Five years ago, researchers for the National Education Association (NEA) surveyed 1,500 teachers from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 about standardized testing. The results

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First-year teacher? 7 tips from the veterans

(Photo credit: Monkey Business Images, via iStock)   Articles aimed at new teachers can sometimes seem ominous: “5 Vital Tips for First-Year Teachers to Make it Out Alive” “6 Tips for Surviving

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Teaching with Video: A Classroom Tool that Works

(Photo Credit © Highwaystarz via iStock) Teaching with video can be controversial. Decisions about whether a video is appropriate for the classroom can be subjective. And arguments for and against the

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