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What’s So Fine About Art?

Art is a collaborative effort. Teaching art to children starts with an understanding of fine art with the goal of learning the skills necessary to teach and impart to students a love and understanding

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Core Strategies for Teaching ELL Students

Teaching English Language Learner (ELL) students is not an easy task in the realm of the regular classroom.   Incorporating the needs of English learners while trying to keep the classroom pace going

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Step Inside the Circle of Knowledge

When the Circle of Knowledge was published in 1847, one of its objectives was to bring within the scope of a school book those neglected, but useful and familiar things, which are generally overlooked

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Keep Calm and Meditate

Schools today can be fraught with anxiety and stress, which is why introducing meditation and mindfulness into a classroom can instill much-needed calm. Sound a bit hokey or hippy dippy? No way, say proponents

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Use Writing to Teach Math

Do you know you can teach math through writing? As crazy as it sounds, if you want to make learning math easy for any student, it is possible. And one such way is to teach math through writing. That’s

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5 Tips for Improving Student Vocabulary

To teach vocabulary effectively teachers must learn the skills necessary to apply the best approaches. Student vocabulary instruction is an art that will help pupils retain new terms that will allow them

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Why Not Make Math Easy?

Students have a natural ability to learn, but sometimes math is intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Make math easy and fun. Why not? It can be done and once you break down that wall your kids will

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Ted Talks for Teachers

Teachers can explore valuable topics by reading new, original books from TED, viewing TED Talks, and exploring other online resources. Through TED education they can gain a deeper understanding of a variety

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California History and What it Means

California is now the world’s fifth largest economy. As a stand-alone country it is larger than France and about to be bigger than Britain. But it wasn’t always that way. Or maybe it was the perfect

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