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How to Keep Your Passion for Teaching Alive

(Photo Credit © DGLimages via iStock) It is rewarding. It is demanding. It is both, often at the same time. The seesaw of reality for teachers is that the challenges in the job can sometimes start to

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7 Great Educational Summer Reads for Teachers

(Photo Credit © Milkos via iStock) Summer reading lists can represent pleasure or added burden to your life, depending on who creates them and whether the choices are optional or mandatory. You’ve certainly

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How Teachers Can Make the Most of Summer Break

(Photo Credit © Sharpshutter via iStock) It’s understandable if the last thing you want to do on your summer break is focus on teaching – it’s been a long school year, after all. After packing up

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Wellness for Teachers: The Most Important Resolution You Can Make

“Stay positive,” the aspirations begin. “Spice up your classroom routine. Build fitness into your curriculum. Get your work/life balance in order. Give individual time and attention to students.

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Traumatized Students in the Classroom

A young student has witnessed domestic violence at home, and he’s constantly anxious. Another child’s family is homeless, and she often comes to school hungry. A third student has recently seen her

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