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The National Mall is an Educational Treasure

Educational travel doesn’t have to mean flying to the Galapagos Islands or Europe. It can be in your own backyard or just a short flight away to the National Mall in Washington D.C. Perhaps one of

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Travel Time: Three Branches of Government

If you are a teacher today it is likely you are getting a lot of questions regarding the president, how the judiciary works and where Congress fits in. How does a special counsel work? Who can fire him?

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Explore DC’s Top Museums

The nation’s capital is a treasure trove of history, science and art, so a visit to DC’s top museums is a must for teachers. A visit will not only inspire and educate, but will provide teachers with

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Teaching Through Travel: A Chance for Teachers to Follow Darwin on Galapagos

Teaching through travel is one of the most interesting ways teachers can spend time in the summer. And since Charles Darwin first set foot on the Galapagos Islands in 1835, the archipelago has been synonymous

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