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Common Core Strategies: Reading for Meaning

Common Core State Standards require teachers to have a complete grasp of the strategies needed to help them. And one such strategy is “Reading for Meaning”. Reading for Meaning is one of six ways that

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Classroom Management for Discipline and Focus

Classroom management is one of the biggest challenges teachers face. And students are more distracted than at any point in history, teachers say. So what can be done about it? Problems in the classroom

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Summer Course Gives Teachers a Head Start

More teachers are taking advantage of a summer course to better prepare for the coming year. For students, summer represents a long-needed rest from school. The same can be said, however, for teachers.

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Digital Distraction and Teaching in the Age of Smartphones

The digital age has changed how the human brain operates. And it is rapidly changing how teachers try to keep the attention of their students. Young people are particularly susceptible to the influences

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