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Classroom Differentiation: One Teacher, One Class, Many Learning Styles. Is It Doable?

There are 22 students in your class. Some sit still and listen. Others doodle, tap their desktops, or talk to their neighbors. One boy is in and out of his seat, looking out the window, checking out something

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Tips for Engaging Today’s Students

The world we live in moves quickly, particularly for the contemporary student. As a teacher, how do you engage students? Because keeping students focused is becoming more difficult. But there is hope. As

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The Key Steps to Better Classroom Design

The Common Core State Standards and the focus on 21st century skills require classroom spaces that promote collaboration and innovation. Yet, most of our elementary schools were built in the 1950s and

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Core Strategies for Teaching ELL Students

Teaching English Language Learner (ELL) students is not an easy task in the realm of the regular classroom.   Incorporating the needs of English learners while trying to keep the classroom pace going

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The Art of the Doodle

There has been a stigma attached to doodling for far too long say supporters. The dictionary even defines doodling as “to waste (time) in aimless or foolish activity.”  The tide of

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5 Steps to Creating a Positive Classroom

Creating a positive learning environment in the classroom starts and ends with you, the teacher. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires practicing particular skills. For most people, consistently

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Step Inside the Circle of Knowledge

When the Circle of Knowledge was published in 1847, one of its objectives was to bring within the scope of a school book those neglected, but useful and familiar things, which are generally overlooked

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Front Lines: Fighting Back Against Bullying

It was last December when 13-year-old Rosalie Avila took her own life in San Diego following years of bullying by her middle school classmates. The school was aware of Rosalie’s bullying and she

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Introduce Coding to Your Classroom

Learn to code and transfer your knowledge to students. Why? Coding emphasizes problem solving, supports advanced thinking and reasoning skills, and can help a child’s developing brain see the relationship

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