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8 smart resources for teaching online during COVID-19

Distance learning. It even sounds remote, doesn’t it? It’s teaching without all the interpersonal aspects – seeing your classroom full of eager faces; understanding your students enough to know when

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Nearly 5 years into ESSA, where does student assessment stand?

At the end of 2015, President Barack Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law, building on and replacing the outdated No Child Left Behind Act. Both acts had, as a centerpiece, the need

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Fixed mindset or growth mindset: Which is your classroom?

Children are observed and “graded” from the time they’re born: She learned her alphabet at age 2; he has math aptitude. Or the opposite: She has trouble with numbers; he struggles with reading. Here’s

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Future of the Classroom report: Thinking, connecting, innovating

To research the current state of K-12 education, to do it globally, and to create a thoughtful and fact-based prediction of what the future holds would take a lot of resources. But if there’s one thing

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Mindfulness in the classroom: Does it work?

The teacher writes numbers on the white board in front of the class, preparing a lesson on fractions and decimals. Two girls are passing notes. A couple of kids in the back row are laughing about a secret

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Why and How to Create a Makerspace in Your School

Think about the elementary school library of your childhood: shelves, books, table, and a librarian who focused a lot of her time keeping kids quiet! Now, imagine if a corner of that library had been set

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When Standardized Tests Change the Classroom Climate

Photo credit: Siaath via iStockphoto Five years ago, researchers for the National Education Association (NEA) surveyed 1,500 teachers from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 about standardized testing. The results

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First-year teacher? 7 tips from the veterans

(Photo credit: Monkey Business Images, via iStock)   Articles aimed at new teachers can sometimes seem ominous: “5 Vital Tips for First-Year Teachers to Make it Out Alive” “6 Tips for Surviving

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7 Great Educational Summer Reads for Teachers

Summer reading lists can represent pleasure or added burden to your life, depending on who creates them and whether the choices are optional or mandatory. You’ve certainly created them for your students,

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