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Bob & Julie Gray

We are so happy you have selected us to help you meet your professional goals. Dominican University of California has a strong reputation for developing outstanding new teachers for many years. Now, with the partnership Educational Development and Services, this reputation will expand to the professional development and continuing education of veteran teachers! I think you will find the course style refreshingly simple as each course is designed to acknowledge the hard work that teachers do as they strive to maintain excellence.

Please take a look at our exciting courses for the Fresno region.

EDUO 9804: In our Own Backyard: Destinations that Enrich the Curriculum
EDUO 9805: Saving the Past for the Future: Historic Sites
EDUO 9806: Into the Gallery-The Museum Experience
EDUO 9807: Amazing Space and Science: Astronomy and More!
EDUO 9809: Into the Studio: Meet the Artist
EDUO 9814: Drama in the Classroom: Acting Out to Learn
EDUO 9820: Ethnic Sacred Places: Celebrating the Diversity of our Multicultural Community
EDUO 9400: The Inclusive Classroom

If you have any questions about the course offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

Important Events/Dates

For EDUX 9965 orientation information, please view the PDF below.

Listed below are upcoming Live Classes, Conferences or Events.

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