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Learning how to create environments that promote trusting relationships and social-emotional development, EDUO 9944 is a 2-Week summer six credit class now offered virtually.

Positively impact student achievement with strategic, creative, and flexible planning. EDUX 9983 is the most Empowering Professional Learning course you will take!

Rapid Transition For Online Learning

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Certificate Programs in:

  • Teacher Leadership
  • Technology Integration
  • Blended Learning

Trauma-Informed Practice

Courses include:

  • Creating A Calm Classroom
  • De-escalation & Discipline
  • Strategies for Every Student
  • And more...

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Feedback From Our Teachers/Students

"I really enjoyed taking this class, it helped me prepare and plan for the upcoming school year. I’m so glad I’m more organized to help benefit the students which is what it’s all about."

Mike Hayes, Teacher, Rockville High School

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Professional Development for Teachers

As a teacher, you are, at heart, a lifelong learner. Dedicated to passing along what you know, you understand that critical to your progress are continuing education courses for teachers that continue to update or enhance the skills you have and the knowledge you want to share.

Students often bring challenges to the classroom. Some represent cultural, economic, and language differences. Some represent learning style differences - some are visual learners while others learn through verbal, kinesthetic or physical methods. Some learn better in a group while others need one-on-one time. Often, students are juggling stressful situations at home. And at the center of these competing needs is you, the teacher, who must try to transform these diverse children into a group of eager learners.

Research has shown that teaching quality goes hand-in-hand with continuing professional development for teachers. It enhances teaching and administration skills and fills a teacher’s tool box with tools to use in the classroom, the hallways, the principal’s office, and the community.

“Educators and policymakers are increasingly looking to teacher professional learning as an important strategy for supporting the complex skills students need to be prepared for further education and work in the 21st century,” writes the Learning Policy Institute. “For students to develop mastery of challenging content, problem-solving, effective communication and collaboration, and

self-direction, teachers must employ more sophisticated forms of teaching. Effective professional development is key.”

With a wide selection of one- to six-credit online course topics that include the critical subject areas of math, language arts, science, reading, social studies, and technology, as well as classroom management, educational outreach, technology, administration, educational travel, language arts, and special education, can be a go-to source for professional development for teachers or a complete resource for staff development for educators.

Our EDUX summer course is a pinnacle course for creative achievement; teachers earn between two and six credits by developing their own goals and curriculum, targeting their efforts toward results that will benefit their students directly. Additional offerings include Gateways to Learning, which offer collaborative workshops for teachers and counselors. Teach in the Know caters specifically to teachers in their second to fourth year of teaching. And, because we also realize teachers love to network, we partner with many workshops and conferences; our 2020 schedule showcases ongoing opportunities around the country – and virtually – for learning and networking.

“The best professional development is ongoing, experiential, collaborative, and connected to and derived from working with students and understanding their culture.” – Edutopia

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