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Get Your Geek on With Technology!

Our courses are designed to give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and application of technology tools and practices to effectively deliver relevant and innovative technology-blended learning situations to students.

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EDUO 9738: Developing Your Common Core Teaching Skills through Video

Course Description: Use the Teaching Channel to deepen your understanding of what it looks like to teach a Common Core lesson. The Teaching Channel has videos for all subjects, and all levels that show teachers in real classrooms. The videos[...]

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  • Instructor: Joe Herz, MA Educational Technology
  • $135
  • 1 Unit
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EDUO 9871: Implementing a Maker Space in Your School

Participants in this course will evaluate and analyze the rationale for integrating creativity and innovation in education and then work through a systematic process to design and implement a Maker Space in their school. Maker Spaces promote learning through tinkering[...]

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  • Instructor: Kathy Smith
  • $405
  • 3 Semester Credits/Units
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Online Technology Courses For Teachers

Technology in education comes in many forms these days and impacts teachers in positive and negative ways. Learning how to use technology as an effective teaching tool while eliminating the distractions technology can create is key.

The Dominican University Technology series of courses ( are designed to teach the skills necessary to cross the digital divide. Because like it or not, education and technology go hand in hand. Teachers not only need to be prepared to use the latest tools (, but they also have to keep up with students who are likely far ahead.

For those teachers serious about taking their technology knowledge to the next level and earning 15 professional development units in the process, we also offer a Technology Certificate Program (

Technology and education

Teaching with technology in the classroom means first understanding the technology for yourself and then how to implement the various uses of the technology in the classroom. This incudes, building websites (, designing private social media platforms for parents and students, learning to code and reshaping classroom management techniques like blended learning strategies. And there is much more.

Education technology courses

Our courses are designed to give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and application of technology tools and practices to effectively deliver relevant and innovative technology-blended learning ( situations to students. This means an understanding of technology-rich learning environments, technology leadership, flipping your classroom teaching and practical tool usage such as using an iPad in the classroom, building a website and using Google Classroom, to name just some of the tools you can learn to master specifically for your classroom.

Education lacks a means to measure if and how the use of digital tools is impacting authentic learning. Learn how specific technology frameworks can provide these means by measuring if digitally supported learning is occurring beyond observable student engagement.

Discover how these frameworks support authentic learning. Assess and create measurable technology supported lessons that utilize effective instructional strategies. Evaluate technology tools using the frameworks. Move beyond digital tools that simply engage students to effectively using specific tools within a planned scenario whose primary goal is supporting authentic learning. Teach children and their parents about proper digital citizenship.

Technology designed specifically for the classroom

The big technology players like Google have embraced the idea of creating a variety of platforms specifically for teachers. Google sites will allow a teacher to create a classroom website with the input of students. Weebly is specifically designed for educators. The service is designed specifically for the following:

  • Easily create a classroom website & blog
  • Manage your students’ accounts
  • Accept homework assignments online
  • Keep your parents up to date

Social media

Have you heard of Emodo? If you don’t know what Edmodo is, or haven’t used Edmodo in your classroom, the easiest way to think about it is Facebook for teachers. And even if the thought of using Facebook – either personally or professionally – makes you cringe, chances are your students and their parents like it.

It has been proven that social media can be used to engage students. Edmodo is simply a secure social learning platform for classrooms that teachers are embracing. It allows teachers to create groups, assign classwork and homework, differentiate learning, facilitate online discussions and foster communication.


Learn to code and transfer your knowledge to students. Why? Coding emphasizes problem solving, supports advanced thinking and reasoning skills, and can help a child’s developing brain see the relationship between an action and an outcome. Coding is empowering. Coding is rewarding. Coding is fun! Gain coding skills and evaluate coding programs and resources available for students. Confidently introduce coding to your students in order to stimulate and nourish creativity, impart knowledge of how all-things-digital work, and, perhaps, open a door to your students’ futures. It is also a way to become a certified technology teacher

The Technology Certificate Program

If you want to take your technology education to the next level and be a certified technology teacher this program is for you.

The Technology Integration Certificate is designed for educators seeking a unique opportunity to engage in instructor-guided educational technology courses. This program recognizes technology as a vital instructional tool and supports the teacher’s role as the catalyst in preparing learners to become responsible and effective users of technology.

To earn your certificate and 15 professional units requires the completion of 12 courses.