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Courses Name Instructor Price Credit(s)/Unit(s) Register
EDUO 9000: Reflective Reading (Sections 9000, 9002 – 9010, & 9041-9050) Ginny Horning $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9021: Teachers’ Book Study Club Eric Thompson $155 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9022: Teachers’ Book Study Club Eric Thompson $155 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9023: Teachers’ Book Study Club Eric Thompson $155 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9024: Teachers’ Book Study Club Eric Thompson $155 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9025: Teachers’ Book Study Club Eric Thompson $155 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9202: Important Books For Teachers: A Novel Way to Stimulate the Brain Deanna Enos $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9770: Authentic vs. Incentive Motivation Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9771: Building the Future With Creativity and Insight Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9772: Learning is a Process Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9773: Perception Is Reality Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9774: Technology’s Effect on Humanity Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9775: Change – Your Choice Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9776: The Need to Explore Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9777: The Power of Self Determination Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9778: Discovering the Adventure of Your Life’s Journey Joe Herz $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER

Professional Reading Online Courses For Teachers

Read Like You Mean It

Reading is important for both students and teachers. Teachers are constantly looking for ways to motivate students to become lifelong readers. But they often neglect to nurture that passion in themselves. Reading can reinforce the symbiotic relationship between teacher and student and inspire both parties to succeed. Professional reading courses are specifically designed to encourage and inspire teachers to not only share the importance of reading with their students but to inspire and enhance their own teaching repertoire. Dominican University offers a range of reading courses ( for teachers that will reignite a teacher's own passion for reading and teaching and deepen their understanding of content pedagogy. The 16-course series includes a master booklist with titles specifically chosen for online professional development. There is also TED course series that explore valuable topics by reading new, original books from TED, viewing TED Talks, and exploring other online resources. Whether you want to inspire yourself as a teacher or inspire your students – or both – Dominican University has a professional development reading course for you.

Reading for Meaning

Reading for meaning is a way to create independent lifelong learners. It affords teachers the skills necessary to adjust to the new paradigm and implement Common Core Standards. Reading builds in all students the skills used by proficient readers to extract meaning from even the most rigorous texts. Common Core State Standards ( require teachers to have a complete grasp of the strategies needed to help their students in reading. And one such strategy is “Reading for Meaning”. Reading for Meaning helps teachers build and assess the exact skills that the Common Core identifies as crucial to students’ success, including identifying main ideas, making inferences, and supporting interpretations with evidence. Because Reading for Meaning uses teacher-created statements to guide students’ reading, teachers can easily craft statements to address any of the Common Core Standards for reading. The research-based strategy helps all readers make sense of challenging texts. Regular use of the strategy gives students the opportunity to practice and master the three phases of critical reading that lead to reading success. These include previewing and predicting before reading, actively searching for relevant information during reading and reflecting on learning after reading.

Reflective Reading

Dominican University offers courses that focus on getting teachers back into reading, but also teach how to read reflectively ( and reflexively. The reading courses are for teachers who want to make a commitment to dedicating precious time to focused professional reading. Assignments will include both written reflections and online discussions. Interaction with other professionals in the form of a "Teachers Book Study Club" ( is also offered. The booklist we provide offer a wide variety of current nonfiction covering not only best practice curriculum guides but books on current educational thought, Common Core techniques, athletic endeavors, content area information, special education, psychology, classroom management, inspiration and other compelling subjects of interest and assistance to teachers.

The Importance of Fiction for Students

Fiction is a novel way to stimulate the brain, it turns out and we will teach you why. Reading novels, or stories, not only improves human minds, studies show but gives us a greater chance of understanding the world we live in. And neuroscience is showing us exactly what can happen when one reads fiction. For teachers, understanding how reading fiction can be a life-changing experience for students is important. Fiction is important for brain function. Researchers have found that becoming engrossed in a novel enhances connectivity in the brain and improves brain function. Interestingly, reading fiction was found to improve the reader’s ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes and flex the imagination in a way that is similar to muscle memory in sports.

The TED Reading Series

The TED reading series ( will provide teachers with the resources needed to gain a deeper understanding of a variety of topics to enhance classroom instruction and foster personal growth. The series covers such topics as "Building the Future with Creativity and Insight", "Learning is a Process" and "Authentic vs. Incentive Motivation", to name just a few. All 9 courses are focused on encouraging teachers to acquire knowledge and wisdom for both classroom application and personal growth; knowledge and wisdom to help negotiate, make sense of and be successful in life both in and out of the classroom.

Hit the Books

All of Dominican University's professional reading courses will encourage teachers to dedicate time to focused professional reading, enhance their teaching repertoire and reignite a passion for education. Through the reading series teachers can deepen their understanding of content in education and best practices for implementation. Teachers can select from a wide-range of professional books on current research, standards, psychology, management and instructional strategies, health and wellness, athletic coaching, and more. Through the professional reading courses ( you will see a significant change in yourself and your students. Sign up today.
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