Maryl Lincoln

Welcome to Dominican University of California!

Our goal is to provide you with meaningful professional growth opportunities that will help to inspire you and enrich your curriculum as you plan quality educational experiences for your students.

After decades of providing professional presentations and teaching students from elementary to university graduates, we know how important collaboration, cooperation, and communication with others in the educational community is to those who daily strive for excellence in their quest to reach and teach every child. We would like to be a part of helping you to find those great classes that give you practical, useful ideas, and help you keep your enthusiasm for teaching.

“Inspiring! Engaging! Finally, a class that gives me ideas I can actually use in my classroom!” and “This class should be a must for all teachers!” are frequent comments we have heard from our participants.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to help you find those professional growth opportunities that will help enrich both you and your classroom students.


Important Events/Dates

For EDUX 9965 orientation information, please view the PDF below.

Listed below are upcoming Live Classes, Conferences or Events.

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