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This is an opportunity to explore art appreciation, learn visual arts vocabulary and create mixed media works of art. Art appreciation helps students learn to think and express ideas. Observing works of art closely, students are able to describe what they see and learn to visualize as they create works of art.

Each week participants will have the opportunity to appreciate and briefly discuss different works of art incorporating the visual arts vocabulary. Participants will create 4-6 different mixed media art projects. Once each art project is briefly explained, participants can begin creating.

  • $465
  • 3 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Aida Herrera-Keehn 

Enhance classroom curricula with creative ideas that are in alignment with the Common Core. Create lessons exciting and accessible to all students. Exchange ideas with new and veteran teachers and counselors. Take advantage of having a specific time to develop and enhance curriculum.

  • $465
  • 3 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Varies depending on location

EDUO 9890: Learning Reimagined: The Potential of a Flexible Education
California & Colorado 6 Units Summer Workshop (2 Weeks)

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Course Overview

Educators are tasked with helping students develop the intellectual and social strength necessary to navigate the complexities of this ever-changing world. As an institution, education has struggled to keep up with the needs of the contemporary student. We must reimagine the classroom environment and rethink traditional teacher and
student roles, allowing students more say in what and how they learn. Through two-weeks of powerful readings, dynamic discussions, and hands-on projects, educators will walk away from this workshop invigorated and ready to create a more personal and flexible education for their students.

Course Objectives

In this course, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of the need for a more flexible education.
  • Investigate and learn possible ways to create educational flexibility for students and teachers.
  • Participate in lessons, activities, and projects that are designed to demonstrate how to create classrooms and curriculum in which students are engaged in a flexible learner-centered collaborative classroom community.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a flexible curriculum and classroom environment that engages all students in a learner-centered classroom community that teaches the skills necessary to be successful in school and beyond.
  • $745
  • 6 Semester Credits/Units

Developed by: Ryan Pickett