Please contact support@dominicancaonline.com if you don’t find the answer to your questions here.

1. How do I enroll?
All of our courses provide an online registration form so you can enroll at your convenience.

2. How can I get more information about a class?
There are two ways to get more information about a particular class. First, you can use the contact us form located here. The second way is to phone us at 1-800-626-5080 and choose the appropriate option.

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3. Where can I view your Course Descriptions? Click the links below to view course descriptions.


4. Is Dominican University of CA Fully Accredited?

5. My STORE Password reset is not working. What should I do next?
AOL, Comcast, Verizon, Gmail and other email domains categorize the Store Password resets as Junk Mail. Please send an email to ldempsey@dominicancaonline.com for a manual password reset. If you have another email domain that can be used for your Store Account Login please include it in the email

6. For questions involving your registration or to change your address please contact us at registration@dominicanCAonline.com.

7. Is the credit being offered by Dominican University of CA Graduate Level Semester Credits/Units?
The Continuing Education and Professional Development division of The School of Education and Counseling Psychology is responsible for all the courses listed on this website. The credit offered is Graduate Level, meaning that it is post-baccalaureate. It is primarily used for professional development or salary advancement and is transferable to degree programs only on the approval of the institution being petitioned. Graduate Level Extension Semester Credits/Units are characterized by 15 hours of contact time per credit/unit, and are associated with a measure of knowledge assessment and/or skills implementation. The words Credits and Units are used interchangeably as geographical locations vary in terminology. *Participants are advised to obtain prior employer approval for use in salary advancement.

8. How long do I have to complete an Online Self-Paced course (class that does not have a starting or ending date)?
Dominican University of California allows 9 months from your date of registration to complete a Self Paced formatted course and submit for grading.

9. I need more time to finish my Online Self-Paced course. What do I do?
Dominican University of California allows 9 months from the date of registration to complete and submit coursework for a self-paced course. If you need additional time and would like to request an extension, please contact us at support@dominicancaonline.com.

10. How do I get a refund for a class or program I had to drop or cancel?
For any REFUND Request… Please email refund@dominicanCAonline.com.

Refunds for Summer ‘Instructional Design’ Course – A $25 per course processing fee will be charged for all tuition refund requests up to 14 days of your initial online registration. A $50 charge will apply for Refund Requests between 15 – 60 days. NO Refunds will be allowed after 60 days.

Refunds for ‘Online Self-Paced’ Courses (class does not have a start or end date) – A $25 per course processing fee will be charged for all tuition refund requests up to 14 days of your initial online registration. A $50 charge will apply for Refund Requests between 15 – 60 days. NO Refunds will be allowed after 60 days.

Refunds for Scheduled Classes (on-ground, 6-week workshop) or Online Classes with start and end dates – You must withdraw 14 business days PRIOR to the class starting date to receive a refund minus $25 per course processing fee. After a class has begun, each request will be handled on an individual basis. Refunds and/or transfer requests will not be processed for any reason after 2 days from the start of class.

11.  How do I receive or special order an Official Transcript?

A complimentary copy of the official transcript is automatically generated for every student upon the completion of every DominicanCAonline course. This transcript is mailed via standard US mail to the student’s address within 3 weeks of the date that the University receives the course grade (not the date when the Instructor submits grades).

Additional copies of your transcript must be requested online through the National Student Clearinghouse. The service is available 24 hours a day; however, transcripts are printed and mailed during the University’s business hours only. You do not need your student ID number or an account number to request a transcript online.

Transcripts requested through the Clearinghouse will be sent via 1st class mail within 5-10 business days of receipt of the request; see below for faster processing or shipping times. Electronic or PDF transcripts are NOT AVAILABLE currently.

Not all grades for all courses are submitted at the same time; please time your request so that your transcript includes all grades required for your employer or your school district. Courses that are still in progress, or courses for which the University has not yet received a grade, may not appear on the transcript. If you need the transcript to list the grade for a specific class, please include the name and/or course number in the “Special Instructions” box.

The online request will ask you to choose your desired processing time; please see below for an explanation of the available options and fees.

Standard 5-10 business days after receipt of order 1st Class US Mail $10.00, plus $2.25 processing fee
Rush 1 business day of receipt of order 1st Class US Mail Standard fee, plus $15.00 Rush fee = $27.25
Rush-Overnight ** 1 business day of receipt of order UPS Overnight ** Standard fee, plus $25.00 Overnight shipping = $37.25

** Transcripts cannot be sent Overnight to a PO Box or internationally.

Additional transcripts requested on the same order sent to the same recipient are $1.00 per additional transcript.

For questions regarding your complimentary transcript, please email dominicancaonline@dominican.edu or phone 415.482.3597. Please leave your detailed message. Your emails will be returned within 24 workday hours and your phone message within 48 workday hours.

For questions regarding transcripts ordered through the Clearinghouse, please contact the Dominican University Registrar’s Office at 415-485-3244.

12. How many Credits/Units can I complete in one semester?
Dominican University of California Professional and Continuing Education allows for a maximum of 18 Credits/Units to be completed during any one semester: FALL (September -December); SPRING (January – May); and SUMMER (June – August).

13. Is Dominican University of CA required to send out 1098T or other tax forms to students?
NO – We are NOT required to send 1098T tax forms. Important Tax Info: Please save your payment receipt as proof of course purchase for your tax purposes as we are not required to send tax forms at year end. Federal Tax ID: 87-0688380. Questions? taxinfo@dominicanCAonline.com. Dominican University of California Professional & Continuing Education 50 Acacia Avenue San Rafael, California 94901

14. Does Dominican University of CA have a posted Privacy Policy?
Yes. Click here to view Privacy and Security Statement.

15. Why does Dominican University of CA collect my social security number?
The SSN is a unique identifier. The reason for collecting your SSN this year is to allow your registration and contact information to be uploaded directly into our academic records database safely and securely. This will greatly enhance our ability to provide you with timely registration, grading and transcript services. If you have any specific concerns about the SSN that have not been addressed here, please feel free to contact the Dominican University of CA Registrar’s Office directly for more information at registrar@dominican.edu.

16. What is FERPA and is Dominican University of CA in compliance?
FERPA is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education records. The law applies to all schools which receive funds under an applicable program of the United States Department of Education. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records at the elementary and secondary school levels. These rights transfer to the student, or former student, who has reached the age of 18 or is attending any school beyond the high school level. Students and former students to whom the rights have transferred are called eligible students. In essence, eligible students determine who has access to their educational record. Dominican is in full compliance with FERPA, and expects that students and families will also comply with the guidelines and policies of this law. Detailed information can be found on our website, by clicking this link: FERPA.

17. Why are the web site prices different from the catalog or fliers I have received? Which one is correct?
Effective January 1, 2017, course prices have increased slightly and may be different from pricing on fliers, email campaigns or our 2016 catalog. The published price on the web site is the newly stated price. As you know, we strive to keep our prices very competitive and this is the first price increase we have implemented in the past three years.