EDUX 9940: Maximize Student Success Through Enhanced Instructional Design

Course Overview:

Being an effective educator requires time! Educators strive to create lessons that effectively engage students; that requires time beyond what is allotted during the traditional school day. With the support of a professional development coordinator, educators will have the time to research, process and delve deeper into their curriculum and start the year fully prepared. This type of preparation allows educators to approach the school year ready, confident, and enthusiastic. EDUX 9940 allows educators to collaborate with other professionals, plan effective curriculum and create materials and resources to enhance teaching and learning. This course provides a great opportunity to work directly with your grade level or content area teams when you enroll together.

Our flexible course structure includes individualized time commitments, support from a Professional Development Coordinator, opportunities for collaboration and supportive face-to-face exit interviews. Throughout the course, participants will interact with a Dominican University of CA Professional Development Coordinator whose personal supervision guarantees the kind of accountability that your school district requires.

Earn graduate level Semester Credits/Units as you learn, develop and prepare for the 2017-18 school year.

Step #1  Create Your Project List

  • Align Curriculum
  • Design Blended Learning Lessons
  • Focus on Learning & Integrating New Programs
  • Or Choose Anything that makes you more effective

Step #2   Complete Your Tasks & Projects

       Record the hours that you spend working on your project:

  • 50 hours earns 2 graduate credits ($270)
  • 75 hours earns 3 graduate credits ($390)
  • 100 hours earns 4 graduate credits ($515)
  • 125 hours earns 5 graduate credits ($615)
  • 150 hours earns 6 graduate credits ($715)

Step #3  Celebrate Your Success

At the end of the summer you will meet locally with a few of your colleagues and a Dominican Instructor to celebrate your accomplishments. This informal meeting is a fun way to show what you have completed during the summer.  This personal supervision guarantees the kind of accountability that your district requires.

Starting school early? We’ll make sure that you are finished up in plenty of time!

Course Syllabus & Rubric

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Maximize Student Success Through
Enhanced Instructional Design

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What You Can Accomplish:

Utilize research based instructional strategies to plan effective curriculum.
Prepare units of study aligned to common core, district or state standards.
Reflect upon previous lessons and refine to better meet students’ needs.
Participate in literature study in order to stay current on educational research aligned with state/district goals and/or personal professional growth plans.
Analyze student data in order to plan instruction or design interventions.
Implement research based classroom design in order to maximize student engagement in an instructional setting.