EDUO 9820: Ethnic Sacred Places: Celebrating the Diversity of our Multicultural Community

Instructor: Karianne Pulli

Fresno, CA

Course Description:
In the San Joaquin valley, classrooms are comprised of children of immigrants from all over the world, such as the Armenians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Germans from Russia, and Mexicans. They came to escape persecution and/or to have a better life in this rich agricultural area. Along with their belongings, they brought their own religious beliefs. This self-paced class will offer teachers the opportunity to tour historic as well as more contemporary ethnic churches, mosques, and temples that are the sacred places of worship in our multicultural community. Participants in this class will be warmly welcomed at all ethnic sacred places.

Course Objectives:

  1. Teachers will learn about their students’ cultural heritage, and religious traditions.
  2. Teachers will gain knowledge about historic buildings that are being preserved for
  3. Teachers will gain a better appreciation of the religious customs and celebrations of
    the more recent ethnic influx of immigrants into our valley
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Instructor: Karianne Pulli