EDUO 9815: Elementary Classroom Music

Instructor: Pam Ferko

Create a music program to enhance the classroom environment while adding new dimensions and deeper meaning to learning. Music is a language that involves the creative practices of investigation and reflection which are aligned to The Common Core Anchor Standards for Reading.

Only one required resource text is needed to complete this course: “You Played a Song, Now What?”, by Sue Fenton, Madame Fifi Publications, 75 Lowery Place, P.O. Box 310967, Newington, CT 06131 and available at You will also need a soprano recorder available in music stores and through – many under *$5.

You will need access to a recording device: Acceptable formats for recording include: Uploading a video to You Tube, Audio cassette; CD; Microcassette; DVD, etc. (Any method that can be accessed by your instructor). You will also need various items such as tin pans, sticks, rubber bands, shoe boxes, etc. for making home-made rhythm instruments.

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Instructor: Pam Ferko