EDUO 9807: Amazing Space & Science: Astronomy & More!

Instructor: Karianne Pulli

Course Description

This class will provide teachers with the opportunity to learn about educational resources available to teachers and their students at a nearby planetarium. After exploring the basic principles of physics and astronomy by participating in hands-on interactive exhibits and stargazing through telescopes, the teacher will be able to see how the experiences can be transformed into classroom learning activities.

Course Objectives

Teachers will:

1. Visit a planetarium museum, a science or space museum (or a museum that has a science or space section) and an observatory.

2. Research information about each site before visiting.

3. Conduct further research after each site visit.

4. Acquire information through research about astronomy.

5. Acquire information from the visits and the research to determine if:
a. the sites are worthy of a student field trip
b. classroom lessons can be developed from the experience.

6. evaluate the experience as to its relevance for an educator.

Grading Rubric: Written Response Rubric

Exemplary: Met and Exceeds
Expectations A+ to A
Acceptable: Meets Expectations
B+ to B
Unacceptable: Needs Improvement.
Must be resubmitted.
Reflective, thoughtful ideas relevant to the assignment are clearly stated. Presents some relevant ideas and connections to the assignment Few relevant ideas connected to the assignment, some ideas unclear.
Very well organized Is generally well organized Shows little organization
Reflective piece covers numerous facts and specific details of the learning experience Some facts and specific details of the learning experience are included. Few or no facts or specific details of
the learning experience are included.
Free of Spelling or grammatical errors Writing contains a few spelling or grammatical errors. Numerous spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is difficult to read.
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Instructor: Karianne Pulli