EDUO 9722: Developing Successful Life Skills through Athletics

Instructor: Dick Bache, Ernie Shaffer

Course description

All coaches want their student/athletes to see themselves as winners throughout their lives regardless of their sports performances. This class will help the teacher/coach focus on that goal.

Required Text: Successful Coaching-4th Edition by Rainer Martens, Human Kinetics; 4 edition
(February 17, 2012)

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants will have had the opportunity to examine a style of coaching that:

  • Places an athlete’s well-being above winning events or games.
  • Emphasizes the development of the student athlete into a mentally and physically healthy adult.
  • Assists individual athletes in setting personal goals for their sports as well as rewarding life goals.
  • Develops a rewards system for the athlete that is both extrinsic and intrinsic.
  • Creates a participation flow, for both starters and substitutes that enhances the athlete’s enthusiasm for the sport.
  • Promotes the change from thinking as a “loser” to thinking as a “winner”.

Grading Rubric

Exemplary: A+ to A- Acceptable: B+ to B Unacceptable:
Must be resubmitted
All assignments are complete
and accurate.
All assignments are complete
and accurate.
Assignments are incomplete
and/or contain inaccurate or
inappropriate responses.
All assignments are
reflective, thoughtful, clearly
identifiable and relevant.
All assignments are
complete, identifiable and
Assignments are not complete
and/or relevant.
Overall appearance is very
well organized and free of
spelling and/or grammatical
Overall appearance is
generally organized with
limited spelling and/or
grammatical errors.
Overall appearance shows little
organization and has spelling
and/or grammatical errors.
Difficult to read.
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Instructor: Dick Bache, Ernie Shaffer