EDUO 9717: Balancing Teacher Authority with Student Freedom

Instructor: Matt Heglie

Course Description:

In the course, well known classroom management styles are compared and contrasted in order to create a classroom program that balances teacher authority with student freedom. Class Meetings and other approaches are explored as posible vehicles to finding such a balance.

Course Objectives

Teachers will:

  • familiarize themselves with major classroom management styles
  • compare and contrast various management methodologies
  • figure out their own management slant
  • study the Class Meeting format
  • develop a class meeting that would best complement their own style
  • outline a workable classroom management program that balances authority and freedom

Grading Rubric: Written Response Rubric:

Exemplary: Met and Exceeds Expectations A+ to A Acceptable: Meets Expectations
B+ to B
Unacceptable: Needs
Improvement. Must be resubmitted.
Reflective, thoughtful ideas relevant to the assignment are clearly stated. Presents some relevant ideas and connections to the assignment. Few relevant ideas connected to the assignment, some ideas unclear.
Very well organized Is generally well organized Shows little organization
Development of an excellent classroom management program that balances authority and freedom Developed a classroom management program that balances authority and freedom Classroom management program  that balances authority and freedom is lacking
Free of Spelling or grammatical errors Writing contains a few spelling or grammatical errors. Numerous spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is difficult to read.
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Instructor: Matt Heglie