EDUO 9220: Teaching the Foundations for Skillful Writing: Voice

Instructor: Mary Lou Varni / Allan Varni

This course guides the participant through meaningful exercises, to be able to skillfully teach the trait of voice, using known strategies. The participant will develop useful, targeted student-based activities that can be used in the classroom, a cache of writing prompts, a targeted rubric or scoring guide, and an individualized lesson plan that conforms to Common Core standards.

This course is part of a larger series, Teaching the Foundation for Skillful Writing, which lays out a systematic approach to the teaching of writing, one aspect at a time, using six traits of writing vocabulary.

Before taking this course, Finding Voice in Writing, you must have completed the prerequisite course EDUO 9207: Assessing the Traits of Writing.

Required Text: Creating Writers Through 6-Trait Writing Assessment and Instruction by Vicki Spandel, Pearson Allyn & Bacon, 5th Edition. (ISBN 020561910X)

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Instructor: Mary Lou Varni / Allan Varni

2 Semester Credits/Units