EDUO 9202: Important Books For Teachers: A Novel Way to Stimulate the Brain

Instructor: Deanna Enos


EDUO 9202 a “Novel” way to stimulate the brain, is based on an article by Anne Murphy Paul that shows what neuroscience illustrates can happen inside the head when one reads fiction. According to Ms. Paul, reading fiction can be a life changing experience based on stimulation to the brain through detailed descriptions, evocative metaphors and emotional exchanges between characters.

For this course, you will choose a novel from the National Book Award winners list. You will read it, all the while observing just what effect it is having on you. In the assignments, you will share your uniqueness by expressing just
how your perception works. Reading fiction is valuable to your mental growth.

Objectives, Standards and Grading Rubric


1. To be introduced to important books
2. To read important books
3. To become aware of how novels simulate the brain through the following:

a. sensory input through words and/or metaphors
b. character interactions

  • motivation
  • cause and effect

c. social and cultural experiences not otherwise available to the reader that are expanded upon and clarified

4. To see the novel as a vehicle for explaining the complexities of the world
5. To plan strategies to encourage students to experience objectives 1-


1. Make connections between self, text and the world

2. Explain the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas or concepts in a historical

3. Respond to literature by employing knowledge of literary language, textual features, and forms to read and comprehend, reflect upon and interpret literary text from a wide spectrum of American and world cultures.

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Instructor: Deanna Enos

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