EDUO 9106: iPad in Your Classroom

Instructor: Paula Hundley

Note: EDUO 9106 and EDUO 9104 are similar in content. However, EDUO 9104 is offered for 3 semester credits/units and requires additional lesson planning and implementations. Participants should choose one or the other, not both.

Course Overview

Mobile devices continue to make inroads into the modern day classroom, and iPad is in a class by itself! Go to work with your iPad. Explore best practices, promising apps, and implementation strategies. This self-paced course will help you go mobile in your classroom.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the best practices for the integration of iPads in the classroom
  • Explore promising apps for the iPad to support learning and instructional practice
  • Access and evaluate learning resources and educational apps
  • Identify key resources for instruction, workflow, collaboration, content creation, and individualized learning
  • Design one major project or a develop a learning center that relies on the iPad

Course Assignments:

Each module includes an introduction and recorded demonstration by the instructor. Guided exploration and  practice work follows. Participants use discussion forums to share their discoveries, thinking, and implementation ideas. Key areas include:

  • iPad as Instructional Tool and Workhorse
  • iPad as Individual Learning Tool
  • iPad for Collaboration
  • iPad for Content Creation
  • Finally, participants develop a project for use in the classroom.
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  • Price: $310
  • 2 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Paula Hundley

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