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Traumatized students in the classroom

A young student has witnessed domestic violence at home, and he’s constantly anxious. Another child’s family is homeless, and she often comes to school hungry. A third student has recently seen her

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Flipped classrooms: Turning education on its head

You know this scenario well: The teacher stands in front of the class and lectures, and you try to take notes on everything that is said. That night you sit down alone to do your homework and find yourself

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Teacher Leadership

In the not-so-distant past, teachers taught and administrators administered. Experienced teachers might take on unofficial mentoring roles with new teachers, but it wasn’t a title or job designation;

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Classroom Differentiation: One Teacher, One Class, Many Learning Styles. Is It Doable?

There are 22 students in your class. Some sit still and listen. Others doodle, tap their desktops, or talk to their neighbors. One boy is in and out of his seat, looking out the window, checking out something

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Does Tech in the Classroom Create Authentic Learning or Bolster It?

Much has been written about technology in the classroom. Much has been touted about the devices and programs produced by the big tech companies to streamline learning. Educators have been inundated by

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Create Powerful Classroom Presentations that Grab Attention

Powerful classroom presentations go beyond just knowing PowerPoint or Google Slides and other technology tools. Technology tools are important resources for teachers, students, and parents but how one

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Technology in the Classroom: Chromebooks

Technology in the classroom is instrumental in today’s learning environment. Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity. Teachers employ technology

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Technology in the Classroom: iPad

There are many choices when it comes to using technology in the classroom. One that many schools and educators are embracing is the iPad. iPad in the classroom has grown in popularity. And there are many

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Farm to School for a Healthy Future

Farm to school is the concept of accessing and understanding the benefits of embracing locally grown food. It is about emphasizing ideas such as shopping local for fresh ingredients and not processed foods.

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