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Teaching Through Travel: A Chance for Teachers to Follow Darwin on Galapagos

Teaching through travel is one of the most interesting ways teachers can spend time in the summer. And since Charles Darwin first set foot on the Galapagos Islands in 1835, the archipelago has been synonymous

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Classroom Technology: Google Apps Allow Collaboration and Instruction

When Apple computers were first introduced into schools 40 years ago students were able to use classroom technology for both collaboration and instruction. Today the classroom technology revolution is

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Classroom Management for Discipline and Focus

Classroom management is one of the biggest challenges teachers face. And students are more distracted than at any point in history, teachers say. So what can be done about it? Problems in the classroom

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The Flipped Classroom: A Guide for Teachers on the Front Lines

The flipped classroom is considered by many teachers to be one of the most revolutionary developments in education in 50 years. And Lisa Johnson-Bowers is one teacher who is a true believer. She wants

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