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Positively impact student achievement with strategic, creative, and flexible planning. EDUX 9972 is the most Innovative Professional Learning course you will ever take!

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EDUX 9972: Innovative Professional Learning

A summer course for educators, developed by educators!

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EDUO 9108 Flipping Your Classroom Teaching

Capitalize on your students' natural curiosity and strengths with technology. Learn how to create a Flipped Classroom!

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EDUO 9790 Teaching For Success

Success is now measured in a persons ability to persevere and have the curiosity needed to consistently learn new job skills. Learn how to foster the grit and curiosity to live happy, productive lives.

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EDUO 9851 The Galapagos Islands Experience

Walk where Darwin walked, observe what he observed, and discover the unique flora and fauna that directly contributed to his theory of evolution and The Origin of the Species.

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Feedback From Our Teachers/Students

"I really enjoyed taking this class, it helped me prepare and plan for the upcoming school year. I’m so glad I’m more organized to help benefit the students which is what it’s all about."

Mike Hayes, Teacher, Rockville High School

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